Summary of results and turnout

The 2022 local elections took place on Thursday 5 May.

Abbey Wood (turnout 28%) 

Name Party Votes
Baker, Peter George Thomas Labour and Co-operative  1,980
Cousins, Ann-Marie Imani  Labour and Co-operative  1,964
Hyland, Denise Christine Labour and Co-operative  1,929

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Blackheath Westcombe (turnout 46.4%) 

Name Party Votes
Fletcher, Leo Labour and Co-operative 2,372
Lolavar, Mariam Labour and Co-operative 2,467
St Matthew-Daniel, Christine Labour and Co-operative 2,170

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Charlton Hornfair (turnout 34.5%) 

Name Party Votes
Burke-McDonald, Clare Sorcha Nancy Labour and Co-operative  1,744
Saldin, Lakshan Pernamo Labour and Co-operative  1,528

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Charlton Village & Riverside (turnout 33.2%) 

Name Party Votes
Dillon, Gary Labour and Co-operative 1,491
van den Broek, Jo Labour and Co-operative 1,346

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East Greenwich (turnout 39.6 per cent) 

Name Party Votes
Hannan, Rowshan Labour 1,825
Rahman, Majid Labour 1,700
Richards Cottell, Maisie Labour 1,844

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Eltham Page (turnout 31.6%) 

Name Party Votes
Merrill, Sarah-Jane Labour and Co-operative 1,152
Williams, Miranda Labour and Co-operative 1,030

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Eltham Park & Progress (turnout 48.3%) 

Name Party Votes
Bird, Linda Labour and Co-operative 1,959
Peirce, Simon Labour and Co-operative 1,662

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Eltham Town & Avery Hill (turnout 38.1%) 

Name Party Votes
Backon, Sammy Labour and Co-operative 1,870
Dingsdale, Lauren Labour and Co-operative 1,921
Greenwall, Pat Conservative 1,763

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Greenwich Creekside (turnout 31.8%) 

Name Party Votes
Anning, Majella Labour 1,463
O'Byrne Mulligan, Calum Labour 1,224

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Greenwich Park (turnout 39.7%) 

Name Party Votes
Slattery, Pat Labour 1,441
Smith, Aidan Labour  1,379

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Greenwich Peninsula (turnout 28%) 

Name Party Votes
Gardner, David Llewellyn Labour and Co-operative 1,047
Scott-McDonald, Denise Roseanne  Labour and Co-operative 1,080
Williams, Nick Labour and Co-operative 959

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Kidbrooke Park (turnout 31.5%) 

Name Party Votes
McGahey, Odette Florence Labour and Co-operative  1,284
Fahy, John Labour and Co-operative  1,270

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Kidbrooke Village & Sutcliffe (turnout 32.5%) 

Name Party Votes
Bauer, Sandra Labour and Co-operative  865
Sullivan, Dave Labour and Co-operative  655

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Middle Park & Horn Park (turnout 31.5%) 

Name Party Votes
May, Chris Labour and Co-operative  1,302
Taggart-Ryan, Rachel Labour and Co-operative  1,242

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Mottingham, Coldharbour & New Eltham (turnout 38.2%) 

Name Party Votes
Dowse, Cathy Labour and Co-operative 1,916
Hartley, Matt Conservative 1,894
Hills, John Conservative 1,846

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Plumstead Common (turnout 32.4%) 

Name Party Votes
Asghar, Nas Labour and Co-operative 2,091
Cooke, Issy Labour and Co-operative 2,194
Morrow, Matt Labour and Co-operative 2,083

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Plumstead & Glyndon (turnout 29.6 ) 

Name Party Votes
Khaireh, Adel Labour and Co-operative 2,415
Ranabhat, Jit Labour and Co-operative 2,319
Thomas, Sandra Labour and Co-operative 2,440

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Shooters Hill (turnout 35.7%) 

Name Party Votes
Thorpe, Danny Labour and Co-operative  1,878
Williams, Ivis Labour and Co-operative  1,757

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Thamesmead Moorings (turnout 23.6%) 

Name Party Votes
Babatola, Olu Labour and Co-operative 1,323
Lekau, Averil Labour and Co-operative 1,242

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West Thamesmead (turnout 23.8%) 

Name Party Votes
Lloyd, Chris Labour and Co-operative 1,085
Olugbemi, 'Lade Hephzibah Labour and Co-operative 967

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Woolwich Arsenal  (turnout 29.2%) 

Name Party Votes
Ayodele, Joshua Olanrewaju Labour and Co-operative 1,571
Littlewood, Sam Labour and Co-operative 1,540
Smith, Jackie Ann Labour and Co-operative 1,538

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Woolwich Common (turnout 24.8%) 

Name Party Votes
Ige, Elizabeth Labour and Co-operative 1,486
Okereke, Anthony Chika Labour and Co-operative 1,350

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Woolwich Dockyard (turnout 28.7%)

Name Party Votes
Mbang, Dominic Kobena Labour and Co-operative 1,495
Mohammed, Asli Labour and Co-operative 1,422

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Verified ballot papers and turnout

The ballot papers for all the wards have been verified, giving us the turnout figures for the elections.

  • 33.4% overall turnout
  • 64,004 overall verified ballot papers

Turnout and verified papers by ward

Ward Turnout Verified ballot papers
Abbey Wood 28% 3,114
Blackheath Westcombe 46.4% 5,151
Charlton Hornfair 34.5% 2,717
Charlton Village & Riverside 33.2% 2,275
East Greenwich 39.6% 4,043
Eltham Page 31.6% 2,126
Eltham Park & Progress 48.3% 3,801
Eltham Town & Avery Hill 38.1% 4,150
Greenwich Creekside 31.8% 2,286
Greenwich Park 39.7% 2,900
Greenwich Peninsula 28% 2,056
Kidbrooke Park 31.5% 2,279
Kidbrooke Village & Sutcliffe 32.5% 1,290
Middle Park & Horn Park 31.5% 2,055
Mottingham, Coldharbour & New Eltham 38.2% 4,002
Plumstead Common 32.4% 3,419
Plumstead & Glyndon 29.6% 3,593
Shooters Hill 35.7% 2,795
Thamesmead Moorings 23.6% 1,837
West Thamesmead 23.8% 1,560
Woolwich Arsenal 29.2% 2,441
Woolwich Common 24.9% 1,991
Woolwich Dockyard 28.7% 2,123

Past election results

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