Eltham North residents vote to elect a councillor

The Council held an election for a councillor for Eltham North Ward on Thursday 10 November 2016. Registered voters who lived in Eltham North Ward were able to vote. Polling stations were open from 7am to 10pm.  


Turnout: 31.33 per cent 

Charlie Davis of The Conservative Party won the by-election with 1,335 votes.

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The election was held to fill a vacancy following the resignation of Councillor Wynn Davies. The following candidates stood in the by-election.

Eltham North Ward by-election candidates
Name of candidate Political party
Matt Browne Green Party 
Charlie Davis The Conservative Party 
Sam Macaulay Liberal Democrats 
Simon Warwick Peirce Labour Party 
Barbara Ray UK Independence Party

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For enquiries, email elect@royalgreenwich.gov.uk