What to take to your appointment

You'll need to take the following to your appointment:

  • the red book issued to you at the hospital
  • your passport, driving licence or birth certificate
  • your marriage certificate - if you're married
  • deed poll documents - if you've changed your name by deed poll.

You'll need to provide the following details at the appointment:

Details of the baby

  • the date, time and place of the birth
  • the baby's sex
  • the forenames and surname.

Details of the mother

  • the mother's full name (and maiden name if married)
  • the mother's date and place of birth
  • the mother's current occupation
  • the mother's address.

Details of the father

  • the father's full name
  • the father's date and place of birth
  • the father's current occupation
  • the father's address (if different from the mother's address).