The following tables show the current charges for various register office services. The services can be paid by cash, card or cheque.


Copy certificates

Fees & Charges from 1 October 2020

Copy cert standard 5 day service

(postage time in addition to 5 day service)


Copy cert Express prepared and sent within 24 hours (postage time in addition to 24 hours service)


Copy cert Same day Ordered before 3pm and collect by 16:30 including a £15 administration fee in addition to express copy certificate charge


Search fee for copy cert allowing for 30 minutes of staff time to search records if exact details not known (cost of certificate charged in addition)


Postage to send all certificates signed for


Apply for a copy of a birth, death, marriage or civil partnership certificate


Ceremony in Edwardian Room Monday-Thursday



Ceremony in Edwardian Room Friday & Saturday

AM £325.00

PM £335.00

Victoria Hall Saturday


Additional Hour if needed


Victoria Hall Sunday and Bank Holiday


Additional Hour if needed


Approved Venue attendance Monday-Thursday


Approved Venue attendance Friday - Saturday

AM £600.00

PM £620.00

Approved Venue attendance Sunday


Supplements for OOH ceremonies 7am-9am and after 6pm Monday-Thursday


Supplements for OOH ceremonies 7am-9am and after 6pm Friday & Saturday


Supplements for OOH ceremonies 7am- 9am and after 6pm Sunday & Bank Holidays


Registrar attending a rehearsal at an approved venue - per hour


Registrar conducting a pre-ceremony meeting in the Town Hall - per hour


Renewal Vows Edwardian Room Monday-Thursday


Renewal Vows Edwardian Room Friday-Saturday


Renewal Vows Approved Venue Monday-Thursday


Renewal Vows Approved Venue Friday-Saturday


Renewal Vows Approved Venue Sunday & Bank Holidays


Private Citizenship with 1 guest


Private Citizenship (Edwardian Room )


Install and dismantle wrap around boards


Admin fee for all Saturday bookings


Admin fee for changes to bookings Time/Date


Statutory fees for marriages and Civil Partnerships


Not subject to immigration (Not subject to immigration)



Subject to immigration (booking fee until arrival non-refundable)

£94 per couple

Consideration by SR of Divorce outside of British Isles


Consideration by GRO of Divorce outside of British Isles


Ceremony at Registrar office


Ceremony at registered building


Conversion of CP into marriage at Register Office


2 stage CP on other premises Completing the declaration


2 stage CP signing the declaration in a religious building registered for same sex couples


Change of forename added within 12 months of birth registration


Correction considered by Registrar


Correction considered by GRO


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