This form is to be completed by the memorial mason with the consent of the grave owner (the person named on the deed as the Owner of Exclusive Right of Burial) or the applicant on behalf of the grave owner who is deceased. The permit is granted only to the grave owner. Check with the cemetery office if you are unsure who the grave owner is.

Before you apply

If the person requesting the memorial is not the grave owner, a transfer of ownership application must be submitted before any application for a permit. The exception is when the application relates to an inscription about the grave owner, who is deceased.

The grave owner has responsibility for any memorial erected on the grave they own, including its maintenance, and to ensure it does not pose a hazard to other cemetery users. The memorial mason must communicate this information to the grave owner (or applicant on behalf of the grave owner who is deceased) before making an application.

Memorial masons completing this form must be currently on the British Register of Accredited Memorial Masons (BRAMM). All work must be carried out in accordance with the National Association of Memorial Masons (NAMM) or BRAMM code of conduct, in compliance with British Standard BS8415.

Information needed

Please have the following information to hand to avoid the form timing out:

  • your NAMM or BRAMM registration details 
  • grave details, including the date of purchase
  • grave owner details
  • a sketch of your work plans in electronic format
  • a credit card or debit card for payment (Visa, Master, Switch or Maestro)
  • account number if you have an account with Royal Borough of Greenwich.