Fly-tipping is the deliberate dumping of rubbish in place where it shouldn’t be left. A fly-tip can be a single bag of rubbish, mattress or large amounts of builders’ rubble.

Fly-tipping is illegal and we will take action against anyone we catch dumping rubbish.

Report a fly-tip

The Council will only clear up fly-tips on land that we are responsible for. We will always first try to gather evidence and catch the people responsible.

Help us catch fly-tippers

If you witness a fly-tipping incident in progress, you can help by giving us details. Please email us at with these details:

  • the name and address of the individual(s) committing the offence if you know who it is
  • a description of the individual(s)
  • details of any vehicles involved including make, colour and registration if possible
  • any company details (i.e. name of the site of a company van or vehicle)
  • the time and where you saw them committing the offence.

What happens to people caught fly-tipping

The Council takes action against people caught fly-tipping, including:

  • seizing vehicles used to illegally dump rubbish or used by unregistered persons to transfer waste
  • prosecution
  • serving notices on owners or occupiers for untidy or overgrown gardens that cause nuisance
  • serving statutory notices
  • serving community protection notices.

Pay a fine

Pay a fine for an environmental crime