Robert Street (now Lister Terrace)

What we're thinking about building on this site
Four two-bedroom homes with gardens and on-site parking
Current status
Our new homes are now complete!
How can residents have their say on our plans?

We held a consultation event in June 2019 at Glyndon Community Centre where residents expressed their views on our early plans. The feedback we received at this meeting and via an online questionnaire were then taken into account as we created the designs which have since been constructed and handed over to tenants.

Planning consent
Anticipated start date
Winter 2019
Planned completion date
Spring 2020

Sustainability credentials

The following technologies have been incorporated into the design of our new homes to maximise sustainability and minimise environmental impact:

  • The homes at Lister Terrace provide a very sustainable model in terms of thermal performance and air tightness.
  • The scheme complies with the London Plan Energy Hierarchy (Be Lean, Be Clean, Be Green) and follows passive and energy efficiency improvements before applying Low or Zero Carbon (LZC) measures.
  • The design for the new properties focuses on the “Fabric First” approach to energy efficiency, rather than relying on low and zero carbon technologies to comply with the guidance in Approved Document Part L1A.
  • The total floor area of the homes at Lister Terrace is 323.7m2. Each property is fitted with a 4.25 kWp PV (solar panel) array, giving a total provision of 17kWp renewable electricity for the development.
  • Although the proposal is East/ West facing, the pitch of the roof is optimal at 30 degrees.
  • Air source heat pumps, a suitable technology to meet the requirements of the ‘Be Green’ stage, are included in the development.
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