Highway, Traffic and Transport Strategy

What we do

The Highway, Traffic and Transport Strategy Teams:

  • Manage, maintain and improve the Royal Boroughs highway asset - including roads, pavements, bridges and structures, street lighting, highway drainage and street furniture
  • Coordinate the delivery of works (external and internal) on the network
  • Manage the flow of traffic around and through the borough, ensures the availability of the network and has responsibilities for improving road safety
  • Discharge the Council's Flood Risk Management duties
  • Deliver the winter (road gritting) service
  • Deliver a range of improvements to support mode shift and sustainable travel and active travel
  • Deliver major public realm improvement schemes
  • Introduce measures, and works with external partners, to support regeneration of the borough and predicated growth
  • Manage the school crossing patrol service

Legal grounds for processing your information:

  • a. With your consent
  • b. In order to comply with a legal obligation; for example when processing enquiries relating to the introduction of new traffic regulation orders
  • c. Necessary for the performance of a task carried out in the public interest or in the exercise of official authority vested in the controller; for example when undertaking traffic management work in accordance with the agency agreement we have with the Highway Authority
  • d. Where you provide us with sensitive data such as your health details; for example blue badge information, we process your information with your explicit consent.

We work hard to ensure that we only gather information that we need to process your enquiry and to provide a response that you are entitled to in the best way possible.

Why we need your information and how we use it

The information you provide us with will be used to undertake the following:

  • To process your enquiry, for example, to investigate parking complaints and requests for new waiting restrictions (for instance double yellow lines)
  • If you have responded to a public consultation regarding an advertised proposed traffic regulation order, your information is required to fully consider the proposal
  • To help us investigate any concerns or complaints that you may have about enquiries that you have made with us
  • To build a picture of parking issues in your area: for example by logging your enquiries against your address or details we can see whether traffic management improvements are needed.

The service routinely consults with residents and other parties and uses the information obtained in response to inform decision making and to develop and improve our services.

What is our power to obtain and use personal data?

When we collect and use your personal information we rely on the following:

  • Consent as you have requested to undertake road safety training in schools or with a driver trainer.
  • Legal obligation e.g. under the Highways Act 1980 and the Flood and Water Management Act, 2010.
  • Public task as the processing is necessary for us to perform our official function.
What type of information we collect

In order to effectively and efficiently deliver the service the following information is collected (although the amount of information collected may vary):

  • name
  • address
  • email address
  • contact number
  • any relevant medical information or disability
  • property ownership and status
  • affiliated group or body
  • other relevant information
  • consultation questionnaires contain equalities type questions - gender, age, race, sexual orientation and ethnic origin but this is treated anonymously
  • additional information in support of request / application which can include any detail from the applicant.
Who we may share your information with

Your information may be shared with departments where necessary to resolve the enquiry or issue that has been raised.

How long we keep your information

We'll keep your personal data in accordance with the Council's retention policy, which includes:

  • Traffic management - destroy seven years after action completed
  • Infrastructure management and maintenance - destroy seven years after last action
  • Road maintenance - destroy 12 years after action completed.
Version date
June 2019