Voluntary and Community Sector (VCS) grants

What we do

The Council  is committed to working with organisations that are committed to building networks and maximising the community's resources, whilst embracing all sections of the community, supporting especially, those who are vulnerable.

We encourage applications from all VCS organisations. Both those that are funded by the Council and those that are not, as well as new and old groups operating in the Royal Borough of Greenwich.

Why we need your information and how we use it

If your organisation is applying for grant funding

We collect your personal data in order to assess your grant application. We will only collect the personal data from you that we need in order to make this assessment and provide this service to you.

In order to ensure the viability and the sustainability of the sector, we maintain our right to take a strong interest in your finances and your governance arrangements to ensure that there is effective oversight over all aspects of your operations where they serve our residents.

If you are joining our mailing list

We collect the details of people who have requested to join our mailing list on behalf of their organisation or group so that we can send you information that may be of interest and use in accessing support and bidding for funding, as well as to provide you with information relevant to the voluntary and community sector within the Royal Borough of Greenwich. This information is solely gathered by us for this purpose, and is not passed to other organisations without your consent.

What is our power to obtain and use personal data?

We are allowed to process personal and sensitive data for the following reasons:

  • For public tasks or statutory functions
  • For a contract for the supply of requested goods or services
  • With consent, where there is documented evidence of that consent
  • For legitimate Interests
What type of information we collect

If your organisation is applying for grant funding

The following personal data is relevant to this process:

  • lead contact name, position or job title, telephone number, postal and email address
  • trustees' name, email contact, and if applicable, details of serious misconduct, criminal offences, close association with other trustees, management, staff, volunteers in the organisation
  • referees' name and email addresses
  • consortia partner names, business and email address.

If you are joining our mailing list on behalf of your organisation

  • Your name, email address and the group or organisation you are registering on behalf of.
Who we may share your information with

We may disclose information to third parties where it is necessary to comply with a legal obligation.

The Council is required by law to protect the public funds they administer. We may use any of the information you provide for the prevention and detection of fraud.

We may also share information with other bodies that are responsible for auditing or administering public funds, including the Cabinet Office. The Cabinet Office requires councils to participate in data matching exercises to assist in the prevention and detection of fraud.

We may share contact information for funded groups with other Council departments, such as Corporate Governance for the purposes of  consulting you on plans or proposals that the Council is considering, or to seek your views on the provision of services in order to support or promote democratic engagement.

We will share information with:

  • relevant internal departments of the Council
  • credit reference agencies
  • bodies to which organisations are registered to, for example the Charity Commission and Companies House.
  • If you have signed up to our mailing list, your information is not shared outside of the Voluntary and Community Sector team and other relevant Council departments.
How long we keep your information

If your organisation is applying for grant funding

Six years after the end of funding provided to the VCS organisation.

If you have joined our mailing list on behalf of your organisation

Your details will be held until you request to leave the mailing list. When you leave the list, your information will be deleted.

Version date
August 2021