Omega Sportz at Cardwell Primary School

At Omega Sportz, we pride ourselves in creating a safe space for children to be the best version of themselves. This Easter we are offering a wide range of activities including science experiments; bouncy castle; gymnastics; dance workshop; multi sports and games; arts and crafts; cooking workshop; and a Easter party.

Type of programme
Sports and creative arts
5 to 12
SEND provision

Yes, we are able to provide group support. If your child requires any SEND, please contact us to discuss your child’s requirements.

Tuesday to Friday (2nd to 5th) April
9.00am - 1.00pm
Cardwell Primary School, Frances Street
To register, phone:
07444 592 073
Booking link
To register, e-mail:
Name of programme
Omega Sportz LTD 
Name of organisation
Omega Sportz Easter Camp