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Alpha Childcare at Christchurch Primary School

The programmes run from 9.00am until 1.00pm. We have designed a variety of activities suitable for all ages including sports, planting, arts, and crafts, and visits to the local park. The children will also be served a hot meal and a snack at the end of the day. We have a range of indoor activities such as football/basketball/computer games (timed) to mention but a few.

Type of programme
Arts, crafts and fun learning
4 to 11
SEND provision

Yes, we are pleased to offer 5 spaces this Easter. The space we have at Alderwood Primary School is open and has a section for quiet areas if any of the children would want to have a moment to themselves. We will however like to discuss with parents in advance the needs of your children and ensure that we can meet individual needs. Please call to speak to a member of staff on 0208 469 1888 and ask for Caroline or Sarah.

Tuesday to Friday (2nd to 5th) April
9am to 1pm
Christchurch Primary School, Shooters Hill
To register, phone:
020 8469 1888
To register, e-mail:
Name of programme
Alpha Childcare
Name of organisation
Alpha Holiday Club