Mensah Edusport Limited: D.A.S.H. Spring Camp (All Saints Church)

Join us this spring/Easter half term for lots of fun things and we will by focusing on 4 elements that have created our D.A.S.H. Camp. It will allow the children to become Dino Explorers, make some beautiful Arts and Crafts pieces, take part in our wonderful sports activities and try new foods with our healthy eating sessions. Each day during the 4 days of our camp we will tailor activities and sessions that will contribute to every child discovering, enhancing and learning new skills. For example and an insight to our camp: D - Dino Explorers will have fun with our ‘dig and discover challenge’ or/and making ‘Dinosaurs or Fossils’ with Clay. Whether it's exchanging facts about Dinosaurs or just wanting to join in on all the fun, everyone will find it enjoyable. A - Arts and crafts is a key part of our camps whether it's coach led or children led it's a time to unleash a creative side of every child. Really unwind and focus on the task ahead. S - will explore sports and activities such as football skills, dodgeball, obstacle courses etc. H - Healthy eating is one of our core components of our camps to discover and reignite a love for fruits and other healthy options. Over the four days there will be two sessions around healthy eating where the children will get to make their own food and learn about the importance of healthy/ier choices. Our camps create memories that your children get to treasure forever, alongside friendships and skills.

Type of programme
Sports and leisure
6 to 12
SEND provision

Yes, If your child has SEND/Additional Needs you must contact us first to ensure we can cater to your child’s needs to enable them to provide the right support for your child

Tuesday to Friday (2 to 5 January)
9am to 1pm
All Saints Church Hall, Bishops Close
To register, phone:
07549 994 732
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To register, e-mail:  
Name of programme
Mensah Edusport Limited
Name of organisation
DASH Spirng Camp