GLL Sutcliffe Park HAF- Spring Holiday Food and Fun Camp

Sutcliffe will be hosting a varied Multi Sports and Multi Skills program. Athletics will pay a key role in the multi-sport program, introducing concepts of sprinting, throwing and jumping. But other sports including climbing, cricket and badminton will also feature. Concepts of engineering and design through play will be introduced by using Lego Education resources and making their own Play-Doh. Nutrition forms an important part of our education program, including where food comes from, children have a chance to grow some crops weather permitting. mustard and cress. The children will also get to see what stages of growth takes place as well as look at a wider range of vegetables being grown, what they look like before they are served and what they look like after.

Type of programme
Sports and leisure
5 to 15
Tuesday to Friday (2nd to 5th) April
9.15am to 1.15pm
Sutcliffe Park Sports Centre, Eltham Road
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http://t holiday-food-and-fun-tickets-755524463007?aff=oddtdtcreator
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Name of programme
Greenwich Leisure Limited
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Sutcliffe Park HAF- Spring Holiday Food and Fun Camp