Globe Fit: Spring Extravaganza

Join us this Easter Holiday to celebrate all things Spring- from learning about Japan and painting our own spring blossom trees, to Spring nature walks in the local area, to

learning all about various festivities happening around this time of year including Ramadan and Easter- we are running a club inclusive of all backgrounds as we learn all

about the world around us. This April, will be 'travelling' to Cuba, Australia, Morocco and Japan, and will be investigating how each different country celebrates different festivities throughout the Spring period. We will discover this through different activities including dance, crafts, food tasting/cookery and an educational workshop with a quiz at the end of the day.

Type of programme
Multi-sports, arts & crafts, fun learning
5 to 11
SEND provision

We are able to accommodate pre-booked SEND children on the basis that the parent/carer liaises with us beforehand so that we are able to confirm with them our ability to meet their needs. Whilst we are inclusive to all children, it is imperative that we gain all relevant information beforehand so that we are able to ensure all of your needs are met. At this time, we are unable to provide 1:1 support. We are, however, happy to have those that usually have this support come on a trial basis (to be discussed with the parent/carer at time of booking) in order to see if the child is comfortable within our environment.


Our main priority with all the children is that they are happy and comfortable with us- therefore, should we be able to ensure this would be the case, we are happy to accommodate for SEND children.

Tuesday to Friday (2nd to 5th) April
9.00am - 1:00pm
St Alfege with St Peter’s C of E Primary School, 9-10 Creek Road
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F: Globe Fit Kids Club (, I: globefit (, TT: Globe_Fit
To register, phone:
033 0133 0573
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Name of programme
Globe Fit
Name of organisation
Globe Fit Sport Extravaganza