2024-07-16 to 2024-07-17 HSE Online Course: NEBOSH HSE Certificate in Managing Stress at Work

Health and Safety Executive
The course is most appropriate for line managers, HR managers, supervisors, team leads, occupational health managers or those responsible for individual case management and risk assessment for stress.

About the course

As well as the obvious moral imperative, employers have a legal duty to protect employees from stress at work by doing a risk assessment and acting on it. There are also proven financial benefits from mitigating the risk of stress, anxiety and depression in your workforce. Increased productivity, lower absenteeism, improvements in talent acquisition and retention, are all present in organisations that prioritise their workforce's mental health.

However, managers, supervisors and leaders often feel at a loss to know how to tackle this huge issue; where to start and how to have meaningful conversations with their team.

This one day online course (delivered over two half-days) is designed to increase delegates' confidence and competence in managing individual stress-related cases and provide advice on fostering a supportive working environment.

Using a live online format, the expert trainers will combine their experience of teaching as well as real-world experience as psychologists and subject matter experts to deliver an interactive, thought provoking and engaging programme. Opportunities will be given throughout the day to discuss and reflect on how to apply the principles being taught in your own organisation's context.

The course will help you to:
- Identify practical tools and advice on how to manage stress at the team level.
- Understand the main risk factors for work-related stress (including an exploration of the HSE's Management Standards and how they manifest themselves in the real world).
- Identify opportunities to spot the signs of stress in your team (both face to face and remotely).
- Recognise the competencies required of an effective line manager / supervisor / team leader and reflect on how to further develop your own approach to managing stress within your team.
- Know how to structure a conversation on the topic of work-related stress and carry out an individual risk assessment.
- Understand the different types of interventions required to manage stress at work.
- Reflect on actions that you could take to improve.
Tuesday 16 July 2024 - Wednesday 17 July 2024
Session times TBC
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