Information about cemeteries and crematoria in the Royal Borough of Greenwich, including location and maps.

Cemetery Grounds Maintenance

The Royal Borough Grounds Maintenance and Grave-digging teams are committed to creating a peaceful and respectful environment within its Cemeteries for all. We understand the need to provide a space for the bereaved to mourn their loved ones whilst giving access to a large number of visitors. During the spring and summer seasons, the grass grows rapidly and the teams work very hard to maintain the grounds to an excellent standard. We politely request that you bear with us where certain areas of grass within the grounds are left longer between cuts, we can assure you that the areas are monitored weekly and the areas will be cut in due course.

In the event you feel you need access to a specific grave or would like further information, please call us on 020 8856 0100 so we can arrange to have a path cut to your grave or discuss your concerns.