Housing repair service

We are running a reduced housing repairs service until Wednesday 29 May due to industrial action. We will deal with emergencies as normal but may contact you to reschedule pre-booked appointments.

Tackling youth crime

The Royal Borough of Greenwich's Youth Offending Service takes a strategic approach to dealing with youth crime at a local level. This strategy aims to identify where crimes are being committed, who has committed those crimes and who are the victims.

In order to achieve our goal of making Royal Greenwich a safer place, full of opportunity, for all young people, we are targeting youth crime on three levels:

  • level one - We ensure an all year programme of activities, both in and out of school, devised with the young people of Royal Greenwich, to provide them with safe and supervised environments.
  • level two - We have designed and direct diversion initiatives for identified individuals, at greatest risk of becoming offenders, and youth crime hotspots.
  • level three - We directly intervene in the lives of those young people who have been identified as prolific and priority offenders.

Who can get help?

We work with young people aged from eight to 17. We can help if you or your child are experiencing difficulties with behaviour, education, peer groups or the wider community, if this means that you or your child are considered 'at risk' of offending or anti-social behaviour.

How can I get help?

A referral can be made either by a parent, guardian or carer of the young person, or any agency involved with the family.

You can do this by contacting the Youth Offending Team.

What support is available?

We can help with:

  • supervision of young people on community orders
  • supervision of young people in custody
  • support services for generic or mental health needs
  • substance misuse advice
  • parent support
  • working with the youth court.

For more information, please contact the Youth Offending Service.