Controlled parking zones

Parking controls and areas

Controlled parking zones (CPZ), together with other parking controls, help to manage the traffic on Greenwich streets. 

Map of controlled parking zones in Greenwich

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Permit holders are allowed to park in Controlled Parking Zones.

Apply for or renew parking permits

Clearly signed

Parking places in controlled parking zones are marked out as boxes with broken parallel white lines.

Roadside signs are displayed at every entry point into the zone. They display the hours when parking control is in force.

The places may be free, restricted, reserved for permit holders, pay and display, meter parking or a combination. Any yellow line separating these boxes is a loading gap where you can load and unload - unless the kerb markings or signs indicate otherwise.

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Restricted parking zones

Restricted parking zones are areas where waiting, parking and loading restrictions apply but there are no yellow lines on the road or kerb. Boundary signs, and occasional reminder signs are used to explain the hours of restriction within the zone.

In the Royal Borough, Eltham High Street, Love Lane (Woolwich) and General Gordon Square (Woolwich) are all restricted parking zones.

Pay and display and meters

If you find parking meters or pay and display machines a controlled parking zones, you may park during the times indicated by displaying a valid ticket or paying the right meter fee.

You must pay for the full time you expect to stay. It's illegal to return and buy further time in the same parking space, for example, to avoid the maximum time shown on the meter. The 'no-return' limit is stated on the sign, or one hour, whichever is shorter.

Limited waiting areas

Drivers can park for 30 minutes, one hour or two hours, but no longer than the maximum time or outside the hours specified.

To extend your stay you cannot just park a little further down the street, you must move your vehicle to the other side of the road or a different road.


Motorcycles and mopeds can be parked free of charge in any resident or business permit bay, or in a pay and display bay, if they are parked perpendicular to the kerb. They cannot park in pedal cycle racks.

Free parking during bank holidays

Street parking is free on 25 and 26 December and 1 January in most areas throughout Greenwich. On those days, parking controls in the controlled parking zones do not apply. Pay-and-display bays and metered bays are unenforced and the bays can be used with no charge.

On all other bank holidays, normal daily parking restrictions apply.

Any exceptions, where controls still apply, are clearly signed on the street. For single yellow lines outside controlled parking zones, the normal restrictions will apply and motorists should consult signs on the street in the usual way.

Contact Parking Services

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Please address written appeals against parking fines to:
Parking Services,
Royal Borough of Greenwich,
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