Foot tunnels

Greenwich and Woolwich Foot Tunnels

The Royal Borough's two foot tunnels at Greenwich and Woolwich are used by 1.5 million people a year (around 1.2 million in Greenwich and 300,000 in Woolwich).

The foot tunnels provide pedestrian links across the river.

  • Greenwich Foot Tunnel links Cutty Sark to Island Gardens, Tower Hamlets.
  • Woolwich Foot Tunnel links Woolwich to North Woolwich, Newham.

Opening times and access

  • Both foot tunnels are open 24 hours daily.
  • You can access the tunnels by stairs or the lift at each entrance. 
  • Cyclists must dismount when using the tunnels.
  • For safety and security, CCTV monitoring is in operation throughout the tunnels, stairs and lifts. 

Please note that during peak travel periods, cyclists may be denied access.

Planned closures maintenance

The following table shows scheduled closures and maintenance of the foot tunnels or foot tunnel lifts. During wet cleaning, there is a fair amount of water present but the tunnel remains in operation with no disruption to lift operation (barring faults).

Planned foot tunnel closures and maintenance
Date Time Location Description
27 March 2015 8am to 10am Woolwich  South lift (Woolwich side) out of operation to attend to in-car repairs

Alternative routes

In the event of lift or tunnel closures, tunnel users may wish to use the following alternative routes:

  • Woolwich Foot Tunnel - DLR between King George V and Woolwich Arsenal or Woolwich Ferry
  • Greenwich Foot Tunnel - DLR between Cutty Sark and Island Gardens.

Report a problem

  • If there is an emergency requiring the emergency services, please call 999.
  • Help points are provided within the tunnels. These are monitored 24 hours daily.
  • If you notice a fault when using either tunnel - such as lift not working - please report it to us. We monitor these reports during normal working hours.
  • If the problem needs our urgent attention - for example if there is a safety risk - please call 020 8854 8888.

Report a problem with Greenwich Foot Tunnel or Woolwich Foot Tunnel

Foot tunnel rules

The foot tunnels are there for the convenience and enjoyment of all. In order to promote this, the following bye-laws are in effect. Signs inside and outside the tunnels indicate the restrictions.

  1. Cyclists and skateboarders need to dismount when travelling across the foot tunnels. This is for the wellbeing of everyone.
  2. Photography is banned in both the Greenwich and Woolwich Foot Tunnels. Flash photography can trigger adverse effects to those who suffer from epilepsy and related medical conditions. Commercial photography and filming may take place in the tunnels subject to obtaining the appropriate licence from the Greenwich Film Unit.
  3. Busking is not permitted within the tunnels.
  4. Dogs are allowed to be walked through the foot tunnels. Please keep dogs on a lead.

Data from lifts

The Royal Borough of Greenwich collects data of tunnel usage and lift reliability. Now that all lifts have been fitted, the reliability data will be available in due course.