Report a fly-tipper or someone committing an environmental crime

How to report environmental crime

Environmental crime is any action that has a negative effect on our surroundings. We can take action against individuals committing these offences. 

Call 020 8921 4661 or email to report a fly-tipper or someone committing an environmental crime.

In order to prosecute a fly-tipper or an individual committing an environmental crime, we need to gather evidence. You can help by giving us details such as:

  • the name individual committing the offence if you know who it is
  • a description of the individual
  • uniforms or vehicles that can identify the company that the individual works for
  • the time and location you saw them committing the offence.

What you can report

Environmental crime can include:

  • littering or fly-tipping
  • fly-posting or graffiti
  • abandoned vehicles
  • unlicensed scrap metal collectors
  • untaxed vehicles. 

Zero tolerance

The Royal Borough of Greenwich takes a zero tolerance approach to dealing with environmental crime. If someone commits a crime against the environment, there will be consequences.

Actions we take include:

  • issuing £75 spot fines for littering
  • issuing £400 spot fines for illegally dumping rubbish
  • prosecution
  • serving notices on owners or occupiers for untidy or overgrown gardens that cause nuisance
  • serving statutory notices
  • serving community protection notices.

Pay a fine for an environmental crime

Specific actions we take


We aim to remove offensive and racist graffiti within 24 hours of getting a report, and any other graffiti on council property within three working days.

We also remove graffiti from private property, but may charge you to do this.

Seizure of vehicles

We may seize a vehicle if it's:

  • used to illegally dump waste in a way that could cause pollution to the environment or harm to human health
  • driven by somebody or used to transfer waste to somebody who's not registered as a waste carrier
  • used at a site that is breaking the rules of an environmental permit.


Fly-tipping is the illegal dumping of rubbish on the streets.

We aim to remove small fly-tips (up to what would safely fit on a small van) by the end of the next working day after getting a report. For larger or particularly hazardous fly-tips, removal may take up to four working days.

It's up to the land owner to get rid of rubbish dumped on private land.


Fly-posting is the illegal pasting of unapproved advertising posters, stickers and signs for commercial interests.

We remove posters, stickers or signs within two working days of getting a report.

Street cleanliness

If you want the Council to clear a fly-tip, litter or other street cleanliness issues but don't have the details of people committing an environmental crime, you can report it on Fix My Street.

Report a street cleaning issue

Contact Environmental Enforcement

Calls are dealt with immediately, and emails will be dealt with within three working days.

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