Traveller sites in Greenwich

Thistlebrook travellers site

There is one permanent gypsy/traveller site in the Royal Borough of Greenwich - the Thistlebrook travellers site in Abbey Wood.

Thistlebrook has 40 pitches - 20 large and 20 medium. It can accommodate 60 homes such as trailers, caravans and mobile homes.

Apply for a space at Thistlebrook

Thistlebrook is currently full and has a long waiting list.

Call 020 8921 3632 to go on the waiting list.

Request council services

To request repairs at the site, call 020 8921 8900.

To request help with problems such as graffiti, abandoned vehicles and rubbish dumping, you can report an environmental crime online or call:

  • 020 8921 4661, Monday to Friday, 9.30am to 5pm
  • 020 8854 8888, out of hours.

Please note - Travellers at Thistlebrook are required to pay council tax.

Pay your council tax online

Get help with evictions

For guidance on evictions, call the travellers' advice line on 0121 685 8677. The Friends, Families and Travellers website may also be useful.

Contact Housing Advice (Travellers)

020 8921 3632