Suspension of parking bays

How to suspend a parking bay

From time to time, it may be necessary to suspend a parking bay. This could be any type of parking bay such as a meter bay, resident permit bay or business bay.

The reasons for suspending a bay can be wide and varied. For example, bays may be suspended for:

  • a domestic removal where a resident needs the outside of the property to be clear
  • roadworks or tree pruning.

What to do

Residents or businesses needing to suspend a parking bay should apply in advance:

  • permit or shared use bay - seven days' notice
  • meter or pay and display bay - three days' notice.

Contact Parking Services with details of the suspension you require, including:

  • when you require it
  • for how long it is required
  • reason for suspending the bay.

Parking Services will then check with the Highways section that the suspension can be permitted.

What it costs

Charges are:

  • first day - £57 per bay
  • subsequent days at a meter or pay-and-display bay (except where enforcement is not operating) - £21
  • subsequent days at other bays (except where enforcement is not operating) - £6.

If you are a resident suspending a bay for a domestic removal, we will suspend the first two bays for the price of one.

The exception to the two-for-one pricing is the suspension of meter or pay and display bays. These will be charged individually.

What happens next

If the Highways department agrees to the suspension, we will erect signs, giving advance notice that bays are being suspended. The signs state:

  • the date of the suspension
  • the reason for the suspension.

On the day of the suspension, a civil enforcement officer will issue a parking ticket to any vehicle illegally parked in the suspended area.

What we cannot do

We cannot stop people ignoring the signage and parking illegally.

We do not undertake clamping or removal on the public highway - so we cannot remove any illegally parked vehicles from the suspended area.

Domestic removal tip

You may not need to suspend a parking bay.

If you own a car or cars, or have friendly neighbours with cars, you can always park these on the road where you want the removal lorry to park.

When the removal lorry arrives, you and/or the neighbours can move your vehicles to make way for the removal lorry.

We do not issue parking tickets to marked removal lorries. We understand that they are loading or unloading and need to be close to the premises involved.

Contact Parking Services

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The Woolwich Centre,
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London SE18 6HQ

Please address written appeals against parking fines to:
Parking Services,
Royal Borough of Greenwich,
PO Box 22157,
London SE18 6WJ

020 8921 4339

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