Information on land contamination

Contaminated land search

Royal Borough of Greenwich holds information on land that could be contaminated from previous or current use, and reports on sites that have been treated throughout Royal Greenwich. This information is available for inspection by the public.

Contaminated land searches

Where written information is sought a contaminated land search can be carried out on request from either a member of the public or their representative.

The contaminated land search will normally contain the following information:

  • historic land use
  • current or previous planning activities (known to the Environmental Health Department at the time of request)
  • any data about groundwater, waste and landfill sites and pollution incidents known to the team
  • potential contaminative land use of the surrounding area within a 250m radius
  • any other available information that could inform the search.

Request a search

The cost of a contaminated land search is £80 including VAT. To find out how you can apply, contact Environmental Protection.

The amount of information contained in each contaminated land search may vary depending on the site and the information available to the Royal Borough.

The Royal Borough is still in the process of site prioritisation under Part IIA of the Environmental Protection Act 1990. This means that it will not be possible to state categorically in the search that the site will not be designated as contaminated in the future.

New building developments

Environmental Protection advises the Directorate of Regeneration, Enterprise and Skills and Building Control on land contamination issues affecting new developments.

We require developers to carry out extensive assessments on ground gases and soil investigations:

  • either before planning permission is approved
  • or under the conditions attached to the planning consent.