Sheltered housing applications

Helping people to stay independent

Many older people want to lead an independent life in a home of their own. Sheltered housing is designed to provide this independence in a secure and friendly environment.

The scheme manager is the main source of support and there is always a range of social activities. If you think there are activities you would enjoy that are not available, you can discuss this with your scheme manager.

Sheltered housing schemes are not old people's homes.

The purpose is to enable you to remain independent for as long as possible. Tenants are not supervised. You have your own key to your own front door and may come and go as you please.


People aged 60 and over are eligible for sheltered housing. However, we are happy to consider applications from slightly younger people if it is felt that sheltered housing would meet their needs.

In the case of a couple where only one partner is over 60, approval would usually be given if the age gap is not too great.

We welcome applications from all regardless of ethnicity, religion, sexuality or disability. Contact the Sheltered Housing Team if you wish to apply for sheltered housing.

If you decide to apply, we will arrange for a housing officer to visit you at home.

As well as giving you any more information and advice you may need, the officer will complete reports on your existing housing, medical and social circumstances.


The assessment process aims to ensure that you gain the maximum priority to which you are entitled.

The officer will also discuss the particular schemes and areas of your choice. He or she will try to give some indication of your rehousing prospects.

Inevitably, there are often waiting lists for many schemes. When approved, applications are kept under regular review.

In sheltered schemes, you are a secure tenant like any other council tenant with similar rights and responsibilities.

However sheltered housing is special because it is designed for older people - you cannot transfer the tenancy to any other family member and you may not buy your flat.


In addition to the Royal Borough of Greenwich's sheltered schemes, several housing associations manage schemes in the Royal Borough. Some are like our schemes, but others are designed to meet particular needs.

There are, for example, schemes for ethnic groups (including Asian, Vietnamese and African-Caribbean) and other specific groups of people.

If you are interested in any of these schemes, or would like more information, please email or phone us.

Contact the Sheltered Housing Team

To apply for sheltered housing, please telephone or email us. (Please note: For extra care sheltered housing, call 020 8921 2692.)

020 8921 2804