Winter road gritting service

Gritting and snow removal

The Royal Borough of Greenwich runs a winter road gritting service between November and March to keep the borough's footways and carriageways in a safe and passable condition during periods of severe weather.

If there is a problem concerning road gritting, please contact us at any time at or 020 8921 5419.

Winter service plan

The winter service plan for highways and footways details the actions we will take during severe winter weather. It also describes the priority salting and gritting routes for roads and pedestrian footways.

View the winter service plan and salting maps for 2017/18

Salting the roads

Treatments we use are:

  • pre-salting - rock salt is used on the roads to prevent ice from forming during frosty conditions
  • post-salting - rock salt is used to melt ice and snow that has already formed
  • snow removal.

On council estates we try to grit or clear slopes and stairways in communal areas where possible.

Priorities for gritting

We aim to respond to all requests as quickly as possible. However, during bad weather we have to prioritise roads, with the highest priority being assigned to:

  • main roads
  • public transport routes
  • hospital access routes
  • busy hills.

Much lower priority, for example, is given to a residential cul-de-sac.

Transport for London (TfL) roads

For information about roads maintained by TfL, please contact TfL Street Management directly.