Vehicle tunnels and bridges

Blackwall Tunnel and other crossings

The A102 runs through the Blackwall Tunnel and forms a vital link between the areas north and south of the Thames. Transport for London is responsible for the maintenance of both the tunnels and the A102 approach road.

Either or both of the tunnels may close periodically due to planned overnight and weekend maintenance works.

Up-to-date road status information (Transport for London website)

Creek Road lifting bridge

Another river crossing is the Deptford Creek Bridge, which spans Deptford Creek and forms part of the A200 Creek Road.

To allow river vessels to pass, the bridge may lift at any time:

  • during high tide
  • at times booked in advance by vessel operators.

Each bridge-lift stops pedestrian and vehicle traffic for five to ten minutes. There are no advance warning signs to advise road users of bridge-lifts. Please expect traffic delays during these times.

Vessel movements also temporarily affect the availability of footbridges that lie upstream and downstream of the road bridge - for example the Deptford Creek Swingbridge.

The Royal Borough is under obligation to make these arrangements and apologises for any inconvenience this may cause. Information on high tides is published on line by the Port of London Authority.

Information on tide tables (Port of London website)

Booking a bridge-lift

To book an opening, vessel operators should phone 020 8854 8888. Bookings should be made:

  • at least 12 hours in advance of any opening required on a working day
  • by midday on the Friday or other workday immediately before the opening for any opening required during a weekend or public holiday period.