Personal budgets

What is a personal budget?

A personal budget is a sum of money allocated to you by the Royal Borough of Greenwich to organise your care and support. You receive a personal budget following your care assessment and have an agreed support plan.

Your personal budget gives you more flexibility over the services you receive and how you arrange your care. Provided your personal budget is spent to meet your assessed social care needs, you are able to spend your personal budget on any goods, services or support you may require (with some exceptions).

Choose how you manage your personal budget

You are able to receive and spend your budget in a number of different ways to pay for the services and support you need.

  • Direct Payments give you the greatest amount of choice and control over your services. You can manage the money yourself, or you can have someone your trust manage it for you. We can also manage the money on your behalf, and help you with arranging any support.
  • An Individual Service Fund lets you spend your personal budget to purchase services from a home care agency. We will pay the agency using your personal budget. The agency will then work with you to arrange your support.
  • If you do not want to have this degree of control over your services, then we can also set up services for you. This is how services have previously been arranged, and offers the least amount of flexibility over your service.