Council Tax budget

Explaining the Council Tax Requirement

The Royal Borough of Greenwich plans to finance expenditure of £242m in 2018/19, with the following:

  • Government funding (including New Homes Bonus) of £100m
  • Business Rate income of £51m
  • funding from council tax of £91m.

The £91m funding received from council tax payers is known as the Council Tax Requirement.

The Royal Borough of Greenwich also collects the Greater London Authority (GLA) precept of £24m on behalf of the GLA from Council Tax payers.

More about the Greater London Authority precept (Mayor of London website)

The Environment Agency has statutory responsibilities including the management of river defences and flooding and it generates part of its income through a local levy on boroughs. Greenwich pays an Environmental Agency Flood Defence levy of £174,000 in 2018/19.

View the Environmental Agency levies

How we spend Council Tax

The Council Tax guides explains where the money comes from and where it's being spent.

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