Young carers

Young people caring for a family member

A young carer is someone aged eight to 18 who takes on caring responsibilities for a member of their family due to illness or disability.

The young carer may be helping a parent who is experiencing mental health difficulties, physical disabilities, or a long-term illness. The young carer may be helping to care for a brother or sister who has a physical or learning disability.

The young person may be taking on extra household chores, sorting out medications, personal care, comforting someone, or watching over the person being cared for.

These tasks may have an impact on their school life, social opportunities, or their own emotional and physical health.

In Greenwich we want young carers to have the same opportunities as other children within Greenwich and access universal services throughout the Borough.

Register a young carer on the Young Carers Network

Any professional that identifies a young person who cares should ensure that the child is registered on the Young Carers Network (YC Network).

We keep young carers on the YC Network up to date with the latest information on services, events and activities, and ensure that they are a priority for opportunities in the borough.

Email for a registration form.

Support for young carers

Courses and youth sessions

Young Greenwich runs over 80 free activities every week for children and young people in Greenwich.

Find out more about the range of activities on the Young Greenwich website

Adventure play centres

There are five adventure play centres in the borough that provide outdoor and indoor play areas as well as quiet areas with computers and spaces for doing homework.

The centres are free and skilled playground staff are always on hand to ensure the safety of the children at the centre.

Champions 4 Change activities

Champions 4 Change run a number of activities that provide young carers with a safe environment where they can build confidence, self-esteem, personal resilience and positive relationships with other young carers.

This is achieved through a structured fitness programme with a strong emphasis on non-contact boxing training.

Find out more about Champions 4 Change activities (Families Information Service website)