Carers' assessments

Carers' assessment process

If you provide unpaid care or support to a family member, partner or friend who is frail, disabled or has mental health or alcohol or drug problems, help is available.

A carer's assessment will look at the kind of care you give and how it impacts on your life, and will look at what support is available to help you continue to care (if you are willing to do so.)  

At your assessment you will:

  • be referred to information, advice and support services for carers
  • receive a financial award of between £50 and £500, dependent on eligibility and need.

Further practical support may be offered to the person you care for, depending on their assessed need.

The assessment is not a test, but an opportunity for you to discuss your needs in detail, either as part of a joint assessment process with the person you care for, or as part of a separate assessment.

Will I qualify for an assessment?

To qualify for a carer's assessment, you must:

  • be providing, or intending to provide, regular and substantial care
  • satisfy us that the person you care for is someone who we may provide services or arrange for community care services to be provided for.

If you are not providing regular and substantial care, you can still have your views taken into account during a community care assessment of the person that you care for.

How do I arrange to have a carers' assessment?

To arrange an assessment, contact us. You can also ask your GP or district nurse to contact us on your behalf.

If the person you look after is in hospital, speak to a nurse and ask to be put in touch with a hospital care manager. There is a team of care managers at all hospitals who can support you and help you explore your needs.

Further information

For more information, please contact our adult social care team.

The Carers UK website will give you more information about assessments, legislation, policy and your rights as a carer. The Greenwich Carers Centre website will take you to more information about local support and groups.