Apply for in-year school admissions

Admissions during the school year

Only apply for in-year school admission if you need a place during the school year.  

We only take applications for academy and community primary schools in the borough, and for the following secondary schools:

  • Corelli College
  • Eltham Hill School
  • The John Roan
  • Plumstead Manor School
  • Thomas Tallis School
  • Woolwich Polytechnic School

For other schools in Royal Greenwich, apply directly to the school. For schools in other boroughs, contact the local authority in which the school is situated to find out how to apply. 

View the in-year admissions process

Schools information

Before you apply for in-year admissions, make sure you have read the relevant school admissions booklet.

Primary Schools in Royal Greenwich - the primary school admissions booklet

Secondary Schools in Royal Greenwich - the secondary school admissions booklet

Please note: A request to vary the admission number for Plumcroft Primary School has been agreed. For more information visit the Plumcroft Vincent Road campus page.

Changing schools

Changing schools can be disruptive and may not be in your child's best interests. We recommend that before requesting a transfer, you discuss your reasons with senior staff at your child's current school. They will be happy to discuss any concerns and help to resolve any issues. 

If, after this, if you still want your child to transfer to another school, you will need to apply using the process described above depending on the school you wish your child to transfer to.

Fair access

A fair access protocol exists to ensure that children without a school place, especially the most vulnerable, are offered a place at an appropriate school as quickly as possible.

The fair access panel meets fortnightly and it includes representatives from Royal Greenwich schools, the local authority and other agencies.

The panel considers all the information available and the child's individual circumstances to make a decision about what school would best meet the child's needs.

Children admitted through the fair access panel get priority over children who wish to transfer to another school and those who are waiting for an appeal.