Local community infrastructure levy charging schedule

Levy charges for qualifying development

It is up to each local authority to produce a community infrastructure levy (CIL) charging schedule, which sets out the rates and areas in the borough that will be subject to the levy.

The Royal Borough adopted its local community infrastructure levy (CIL) charging schedule, infrastructure (Regulation 123) list, instalments policy and exceptional circumstances relief policy on 25 March 2015.

Download the CIL charging schedule and infrastructure (regulation 123) list.

CIL came into effect in Royal Greenwich in April 2015

Please note that CIL will be applied to most new buildings and extensions to existing buildings where the floor space is 100 square metres or more or if a new dwelling is created. This is in addition to the Mayoral CIL, which is already charged in Royal Greenwich.

More about the community infrastructure levy

Implementation of the community infrastructure levy

The CIL charge for liable developments will be calculated at the time planning permission is granted. The trigger for payment is the commencement of development, although depending on the amount of the charge, payments may be phased according to the Royal Borough's instalments policy.

Download the instalments policy

All planning applications involving the construction of new floor space must provide enough information to allow the Royal Borough to determine whether CIL is liable and – if so – the amount of the charge. Please fill in the information form below.

Download the CIL additional information form

When planning permission is granted for a CIL liable development, the Royal Borough will issue a liability notice alongside the planning decision notice. The liability notice says how much CIL is payable. It is the responsibility of the person(s) who will pay CIL to serve an Assumption of Liability Notice on the Royal Borough prior to the commencement of development. If this does not happen, the charge automatically defaults to the owners of the land and penalty surcharges may apply.

Download the assumption of liability notice form

Before the development starts, the Royal Borough must be served with a commencement notice stating the date when the development will commence. The Royal Borough then issues a demand notice for the CIL payment in accordance with its instalments policy. If a commencement notice is not received, penalties apply and full payment is due immediately.

Download the commencement notice form

Permitted development

In some cases a permitted development may be of a scale to trigger the liability to pay the Mayoral CIL. In these cases it is the responsibility of the developer to serve a notice of chargeable development on the Royal Borough of Greenwich before development is started. The CIL charge is then calculated and applied by the Royal Borough just as though planning permission had been issued.

Download the notice of chargeable development form

Exemptions from CIL

Exceptional circumstances relief is available in Royal Greenwich.

Download the exceptional circumstances relief policy

The following types of development are exempt from CIL:

  • Buildings into which people don't normally go, or only go into to perform maintenance. This covers things like water pump stations or electrical substations
  • Affordable housing is exempt subject to an application by a landowner for relief. To claim social housing relief please fill in the form below.
  • Development by charities for charitable purposes is exempt subject to certain criteria. To claim charitable relief please fill in the form below.
  • To seek relief for affordable housing or for development built for charitable purposes complete the exceptional circumstances relief form
  • Self-build new homes, residential extensions or annexes

To claim relief under the self-build exemption please fill in the relevant form below depending on the type of development.

Examination of the CIL charging schedule

Details of the CIL charging schedule examination, along with the examiner's final report, can be found on the examination page.

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