Stray dogs

Lost and found dogs

The Royal Borough of Greenwich is responsible for collecting stray dogs within the borough. This service is provided by the Royal Borough's contractor, who will arrange to pick up the dog and aim to return the animal to the owner.

If we are unable to immediately locate the owner, we will take the dog to our nominated kennels, where it will be held for seven days so that the owner can reclaim it. After this period the legal ownership of the dog is transferred to the Royal Borough and we will do our best for it to be re-homed whenever possible.

If you find a stray dog

If you find a stray dog, first check for an identification tag on the collar. It is a legal requirement for dogs to wear in public an identification tag containing the name and address of the owner. This can help you reunite the dog with its owner.

If you find a dog that has no identifiable owner, please call our contractor (the Stray Dog Collection Service) on 020 8921 8130. You will initially hear a recorded message asking you to provide further information about the found dog.

If you have lost a dog

If you have lost your dog, visit the SDK 'found dogs' website, which provides a picture gallery of dogs found in Royal Greenwich.

Visit the SDK website to see dogs found in Royal Greenwich


It is a legal requirement to microchip your dog and puppies when they reach eight weeks of age. Not having your dog microchipped could lead to a fine of up to £2,500.

You must register your dog's identity and keeper details on a database. The chip must be kept up-to-date and a new keeper must ensure that this is done on the transfer of a dog's ownership.

Your local vet will offer a microchip service at relatively low cost and ensure its registration details are held on a database.

We will quickly try to return your dog provided the microchip details are correct.

Fees for returning a dog

There is a statutory fee for the return of a dog to its owner. In addition to this fee the Royal Borough is also able to charge other reasonable expenses from the owner, including kennelling charges, and any vet bills we pay to ensure the welfare of a dog.

Stray dog return fees - First occasion

To assist owners with the costs we have decided that on the first occasion a dog strays and is returned, we will charge you the statutory fee only. We feel this is fair as dogs may sometimes stray.

  • Statutory fee only: £25

Stray dog return fees - Subsequent occasions

If we need to return the same a dog on subsequent occasions, we view this as lack of care in preventing the dog to stray. In this instance we will recharge you all our costs in dealing with your dog before it is returned.

  • Return fees and charges: £75
  • Kennelling: £13.80 a day
  • Any vet bills.

London database

You may also find it useful to telephone the Battersea Lost Dogs and Cats Line on 020 7627 9245. The organisation has a database of lost dogs from across London and will check if the dog's details match any dogs that have been found and handed in to it.

Contact Stray Dog Collection Service

020 8921 8130

Contact the Battersea Lost Dogs and Cats Line

Open from 8am to 8pm, seven days a week

020 7627 9245