2014 local elections results

Ward-by-ward results breakdown

All the results of the 2014 local council elections have been announced. The new council for Royal Borough of Greenwich is comprised of 43 Labour councillors and eight Conservative councillors.

Abbey Wood ward (turnout 33.82 per cent)
Name Party Votes
Denise Christine HYLAND Labour 2,058
Clive Bonito MARDNER Labour 2,031
Steve OFFORD Labour 1,810

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Blackheath Westcombe ward (turnout 47.69 per cent)
Name Party Votes
Cherry PARKER Labour 2,185
Paul Raymond MORRISSEY Labour 2,028
Geoff BRIGHTY Conservative 1,797

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Charlton ward (turnout 37.82 per cent)
Name Party Votes
Allan John Henry Dillon MACCARTHY Labour 2,193
Miranda Louise WILLIAMS Labour 2,112
Gary PARKER Labour 1,890

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Coldharbour and New Eltham ward (turnout 40.49 per cent)
Name Party Votes
John HILLS Conservative 1,739
Mandy BRINKHURST Conservative 1,636
Matt HARTLEY Conservative 1,501

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Eltham North ward (turnout 50.26 per cent)
Name Party Votes
Spencer DRURY Conservative 1,975
Linda BIRD Labour 1,946
Wynn DAVIES Labour 1,942

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Eltham South ward (turnout 41.36 per cent)
Name Party Votes
Matt CLARE Conservative 1,394
Mark Stuart ELLIOTT Conservative 1,298
Nuala GEARY Conservative 1,183

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Eltham West ward (turnout 34.87 per cent)
Name Party Votes
Mick HAYES Labour 1,479
Bill FREEMAN Labour 1,453
Ray WALKER Labour 1,283

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Glyndon ward (turnout 31.78 per cent)
Name Party Votes
Donald James AUSTEN Labour 2,212
Peter John BROOKS Labour 2,064
Radha RABADIA Labour 1,995

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Greenwich West ward (turnout 38.00 per cent)
Name Party Votes
Maureen O'MARA Labour 2,665
Matthew Thomas PENNYCOOK Labour 2,448
Aidan Michael Anthony SMITH Labour 2,159

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Kidbrooke with Hornfair ward (turnout 34.97 per cent)
Name Party Votes
Norman Robert ADAMS Labour 1,770
Christine GRICE Labour 1,686
David Colin STANLEY Labour 1,495

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Middle Park and Sutcliffe ward (turnout 40.12 per cent)
Name Party Votes
Christine Eileen MAY Labour 1,709
Mark Stephen JAMES Labour 1,658
Clare Cecilia MORRIS Labour 1,624

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Peninsula ward (turnout 38.04 per cent)
Name Party Votes
Stephen Albert BRAIN Labour 1,926
Denise SCOTT-MCDONALD Labour 1,771
Chris LLOYD Labour 1,614

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Plumstead ward (turnout 35.07 per cent)
Name Party Votes
Angela June CORNFORTH Labour 2,441
Matthew MORROW Labour 2,033
Rajinder SEHMAR Labour 1,850

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Shooters Hill ward (turnout 40.99 per cent)
Name Party Votes
Sarah Jane MERRILL Labour 2,027
Christopher Charles Andrew KIRBY Labour 1,940
Danny Lee THORPE Labour 1,894

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Thamesmead Moorings ward (turnout 29.60 per cent)
Name Party Votes
Olu BABATOLA Labour 2,201
Averil Anne LEKAU Labour 1,991
Sizwe JAMES Labour 1,931

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Woolwich Common ward (turnout 31.78 per cent)
Name Party Votes
David Llewellyn GARDNER Labour 2,289
Harry SINGH Labour 2,208
Ambreen HISBANI Labour 2,048

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Woolwich Riverside ward (turnout 31.36 per cent)
Name Party Votes
Barbara Elizabeth BARWICK Labour 2,426
Jackie Ann SMITH Labour 2,215
John FAHY Labour 2,162

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Verification of ballot papers

The ballot papers for all the wards have been verified. The overall turnout for the borough was 37.25 per cent (65,055 ballot papers).

Turnout and verified papers by ward
Ward Turnout Verified ballot papers
Abbey Wood 33.82% 3,581
Blackheath Westcombe 47.69% 4,631
Charlton 37.82% 3,805
Coldharbour and New Eltham 40.49% 3,947
Eltham North 50.26% 4,911
Eltham South 41.36% 3,630
Eltham West 34.87% 2,821
Glyndon 31.78% 3,514
Greenwich West 38.00% 4,531
Kidbrooke with Hornfair 34.97% 3,508
Middle Park and Sutcliffe 40.12% 3,887
Peninsula 38.04% 3,975
Plumstead 35.07% 3,631
Shooters Hill 40.99% 3,968
Thamesmead Moorings 29.60% 3,507
Woolwich Common 31.78% 3,288
Woolwich Riverside 31.36% 3,920

European elections results

For the European Parliamentary election ballot, counting will take place on Sunday 25 May 2014 and the results of the London Region election will be displayed on the London Euro Elections website.