Council tenants and leaseholders - give us your view

If you're a council tenant or leaseholder, we want you to help shape and improve our housing services. Tell us how to:

  • improve and maintain the quality of homes (for example repairs or major works)
  • help people feel safe at home and in their neighbourhoods
  • keep homes affordable
  • make sure the environment is clean and welcoming
  • support to those in need in the community.

Give us your view online

We'll get in touch to discuss how you would like to get involved and to find out your areas of interest.

Attend housing panels and meetings

The Royal Borough of Greenwich holds regular meetings and events for council tenants so they can get involved in the decisions that affect their homes and local community.

There are many ways you can get involved from joining your local housing panel or tenants' association to attending focus groups about particular issues.

Email the Housing Community Participation team to get our monthly listing of community events.

Find out more about local housing panels

Help us test our housing services

The Royal Borough of Greenwich regularly tests its housing services with the help of 'housing mystery shoppers' who are tenants or leaseholders of the borough.

Participants test key areas of housing services and then fill in a survey. The testing may be online, by phone or by visiting the council. Shoppers get a voucher as a thank you for their time and effort.

Register your interest in becoming a mystery shopper

Start a tenants' association

A tenants' association is a group of local residents who come together from a neighbourhood, an estate, a block or a community with a common purpose.

For more information on how to start your own tenants' association contact the Housing Community Participation team.

Participate in an estate inspection

The Royal Borough of Greenwich regularly inspects selected council estates to spot problems.

Sign up to our monthly events listing to be notified of inspections - email the Housing Community Participation team.