Apply to film in Royal Greenwich

You can use this form to apply for filming services in Royal Borough of Greenwich including Filming permission, Traffic management, Road closures and Parking.

Please note that we currently require a minimum of 10 working days notice for commercial filming/photography requests

Parking requests cannot be considered without an accompanying diagram

View example parking diagram

The diagram must clearly mark out each bay or stretch of yellow line that is required and confirm the number of suspensions and/or dispensations that you require.

Please note that we cannot allow more than 25 bay suspensions on a residential street unless you require a road closure for filming.

You may email or post it to us, but it must arrive within the notice period:

* Residents' parking bays: ten working days
* Meter or pay and display bays: seven working days
* Single yellow line dispensations: seven working days

Please upload up to five supporting files or images here. (Maximum size per-upload 5mb)

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