Published: Friday, 21st July 2017

'Is this love' promotes healthy relationships and the resources available to victims.

The 'Is this love?' campaign asks young people to think about what makes a healthy and loving relationship. It also encourages them to identify the warning signs of potentially harmful and controlling behaviour which could lead to domestic abuse.

The Royal Borough of Greenwich and Metropolitan Police in partnership with the Greenwich Domestic Violence and Abuse Service want to send a clear message to young people and wider residents that the best action to take if they are in an abusive relationship is to end it. The campaign wants victims of domestic violence to recognise:

  • This may be tough but it's right that they seek help
  • They should find support from people who care about them
  • They should contact a support organisation such as the Greenwich Domestic Violence and Abuse Service for impartial help, support and advice.

Greenwich Domestic Violence and Abuse

If you have experienced domestic abuse or know of someone who has, visit the Greenwich Domestic Violence and Abuse website.

What is domestic abuse?

Domestic abuse is any type of controlling, bullying, threatening or violent behaviour between people in a relationship. It isn't just physical violence - domestic abuse includes emotional, physical, sexual, financial or psychological abuse. Abusers are responsible for their behaviour.

'Seeking support is the first step'

Councillor Jackie Smith, Cabinet Member for Community Safety and Environment, said "The Royal Borough is strengthening the support services available for victims of domestic violence while running a mature, reflective campaign with positive and thought-provoking messages upon which we can all reflect. We strongly advise residents who have suffered or who are suffering domestic abuse to share their experience with the Greenwich Domestic Violence and Abuse team; seeking support is the first step."

'Positive campaign aimed at promoting healthy relationships'

Borough Commander Simon Dobinson added "We are working tirelessly with the Royal Borough of Greenwich to tackle domestic abuse and provide as much help that we can to its victims. 'Is this love?' is a really positive campaign aimed at promoting healthy relationships while helping victims and those suffering domestic abuse find advice and support."