Published: Tuesday, 18th July 2017

A reminder of the best ways to help you and your belongings.

Even though the days are longer and it turns dark later, it's always vital to be aware of your surroundings.

Make sure that you keep your phone, wallet/purse and other valuable possessions safe when you are outside, especially when you are walking alone.

Try not to walk along looking at your phone as thieves on scooters and bikes can easily snatch them.

Steps to take

There are also several practical steps that you can take to make sure that your home, garden and shed are less vulnerable to burglars and opportunist thieves:

  • When you leave the house, make sure that all windows and doors are closed and locked. An open window can give burglars easy access to your home
  • Lock gates and plant thorny bushes by walls and fences to make them harder to scale
  • Secure your shed doors with pad bars/close shackle padlocks and fit grills across windows
  • Visibly mark the contents of your shed, making a note of the serial numbers. Photograph valuable items and garden ornaments to make them easier to recover.

'Simple things to help keep us safe'

Councillor Jackie Smith, Cabinet Member for Community Safety and Environment said: "We can all do simple things to help keep us safe whether we're out and about or at home. You wouldn't walk around holding wads of cash in your hands but holding your phone out is in effect the same thing. By safely securing your possessions and being more aware of what is around you, there's a better chance that you won't be targeted."