Published: Monday, 19th June 2017

Everyone at the Royal Borough remains deeply saddened by the devastating fire and tragic loss of life at Grenfell Tower, the extent of which is still unfolding.

As is usual in a pan-London response to a disaster on this scale, we have offered resources to Kensington and Chelsea Council as have other London boroughs.

The Council has also written to all tenants of its 93 tower blocks in the borough to provide reassurance in the light of this unprecedented disaster.

We have reassured our residents that all of our buildings are compliant with fire safety regulations. In the case of our high-rise buildings, they are all purpose constructed with fire compartmentalisation built-in to the structure of the buildings in order to control the spread of fire and smoke which should ensure that any fire remains in the particular dwelling in which it started.

Enhancements made

The Council has also carried out a comprehensive programme of fire safety enhancements in its residential properties in recent years in consultation with the London Fire Brigade.

These enhancements include:

  • New front entrance doors to dwellings that automatically close and provide 60 minutes fire and smoke protection
  • New or upgraded fire doors to all common/communal areas and escape routes
  • 'Fire Stopping' between flats and common areas to limit the spread of smoke and fire
  • The installation of enhanced Emergency Lighting
  • Redecoration of internal common/communal areas with finishes that comply with 'Class O' of the Building Regulations in England and Wales to minimise the spread of fire
  • The installation of Automatic Opening Ventilation (AOVs) to allow smoke to vent from internal communal areas
  • The renewal of Fire Signage and Directional Signage
  • The development of an enhanced recording system for the maintenance records for Dry Risers and Automatic Opening Vents.

Fire Risk Assessments

In addition, all the Royal Borough's high-rise buildings have a current and up-to-date Fire Risk Assessment in place and comply with current Fire Safety standards. Each Fire Risk Assessment is reviewed annually or more frequently, as required. To provide additional reassurance to our tenants, all Fire Risk Assessments of high-rise buildings are being reviewed again in the coming weeks.

Housekeeping standards

Standards of housekeeping within the common/communal areas of buildings are checked on a continual basis by caretaking and other Council staff to ensure standards are maintained and we are also checking that fire doors are operating as they should. We are also asking residents to ensure they never place anything that could obstruct escape routes and fire doors and we continue to carry out additional checks at this time.

The safety our residents remains our highest priority and we will act on and take any necessary action following our updated risk assessments and in response to any revised guidance from the London Fire Brigade arising from the investigation into the fire at Grenfell Tower.