Published: Thursday, 8th June 2017

People in the properties were engaged in anti-social behaviour and criminal activity.

Anti-social behaviour and criminal activity are being rooted out of communities by the Royal Borough of Greenwich after Closure Orders banning anyone from entering or residing at a property have been served on two households. A third Closure Order served earlier in the year has also been extended for a further three months.  

41 Kelbrook Road 

From January 2017, the Royal Borough of Greenwich began to receive reports of anti-social behaviour, noise nuisance and suspected drug dealing at 41 Kelbrook Road, Kidbrooke. Despite repeated warnings from the Royal Borough, the tenant failed to take any remedial action.

After Royal Greenwich officers worked tirelessly with the Metropolitan Police and residents on collecting overwhelming evidence against the tenant, Bromley Magistrates' Court issued a Closure Order on Friday 5 May 2017 forbidding the resident from living or returning to the property. The Order will be in force for 3 months.

8 Gallosson Road 

The second property issued with a Closure Order was 8 Gallosson Road, Plumstead.

The Royal Borough received multiple complaints of visitors coming in and out of the residence at all times of the day, urinating and leaving cigarette butts in the enclosed communal area.

Officers also suspected that the property was being used for drug dealing and received a detailed complaint from a Gallosson Road resident stating that they were threatened when they asked the suspected drug dealers to leave the building.

After building an extensive case against the tenant who failed to respond to warning letters and a formal Notice of Seeking Possession, a Closure Order for 3 months was granted by Bromley Magistrates' Courts on 19 May 2017.

200 Nightingale Vale 

An extension of an existing Closure Order was issued on a third property - 200 Nightingale Vale. Royal Greenwich officers were alerted by residents to drug dealing, criminal damage, noise nuisance, littering and abusive behaviour.

After a thorough investigation and close collaboration with the Metropolitan Police, evidence of links between the address and a criminal gang meant that the Royal Borough had to move swiftly, collect witness statements and seek a Closure Order.

The order was granted by Bromley Magistrates' Court on 20 February 2017 and extended for a further three months (after application by the Royal Borough) on 17 May 2017.

'We will vigorously investigate all reports' 

Councillor Jackie Smith, Cabinet Member for Community Safety & Environment said: “The Royal Borough of Greenwich will absolutely not tolerate such anti-social behaviour and criminal activity in our community. We will vigorously investigate all reports of anti-social behaviour and pursue the suspects through the courts if necessary. I hope this recent issuing of Closure Orders serves as a stark warning for residents wilfully allowing their properties to host criminal activity.” 

'We will continue to eradicate anti-social behaviour' 

Borough Commander Simon Dobinson added, “Through extensive intelligence sharing, we assisted the Royal Borough of Greenwich in taking firm action in all three of these cases. We also gained invaluable information in pursuit of our own investigations into this criminal activity- especially the links to organised crime and well-known gangs. Through working together, we will continue to eradicate anti-social behaviour in our community and the knock-on crimes that stem from it.”