Published: Friday, 2nd June 2017

Royal Greenwich's biggest libraries are opening later every Tuesday until 30 July.

To help students and young people hit the books in the run-up to exam season, The Greenwich Centre, Woolwich Centre and Eltham Centre will be open later every Tuesday until 7pm for dedicated study times until 30 July.

Improving access for students

Royal Greenwich, working in partnership with Better, has launched its 'Library Lates' project for hard-working students to come and revise, in the three libraries. They all have extensive space for students to revise in a relaxed and calm environment free from distractions.

There are 168 PCs available at all three libraries for students to access for research, as well as free WiFi for those working from tablets and hand-held devices.

Great resource for students in the run-up to exams

During one trial-run evening, more than 350 students visited the three libraries. They and their parents had only positive things to say about Greenwich libraries staying open till late: "It feels like the library understands how important the exams are for us."

From a parent, "We have just been swimming and thought the library would be shut, now we have got time to do my daughter's homework."

The Royal Borough's Cabinet Member for Children and Young People, Councillor Miranda Williams said, "This is a great opportunity for students revising for exams in the coming weeks. Greenwich libraries provide a wide range of resources which many would not have access to from home. Our libraries are some of the best in the country and it's only right that we extend their hours of operation during the busy exam season."