Published: Wednesday, 22nd February 2017

Trading Standards officers seized knives and razors as part of Police campaign.

The officers have taken action against two Eltham retailers who sold potentially offensive weapons to a teenager.

Operation Sceptre 7 - tackling knife crime

The successful test purchases, conducted by Royal Greenwich Trading Standards Officers and the Metropolitan Police Cadets, were part of Operation Sceptre 7, the London-wide Metropolitan Police campaign to tackle knife crime.

The test purchases took place in Eltham on 24 January 2017. A 15 year old male Police cadet successfully bought a pack of razor blades from a retailer without being challenged for proof of age and then went on to purchase craft knives from another independent retailer.

Both outlets were in breach of the Criminal Justice Act 1998 which prohibits the sale of such items to under 18s; one has been subject to a formal caution and the other is now facing further investigation.

'Serious repercussions if you are caught'

Councillor Jackie Smith, Cabinet Member for Community Safety & Environment said, "Cracking down on under-age sales of such potential weapons is a key part of our anti-knife crime strategy. There will be serious repercussions if you are caught selling such dangerous items to young people and we will not shy away from taking robust enforcement action where we can."

Borough Commander Simon Dobinson added, "This is another successful example of close partnership working with the Royal Borough of Greenwich to stop the sale and proliferation of potentially very harmful weapons to young people. We will continue to take the firmest action possible to eradicate knife crime in the borough for good."

'Street Violence Ruins Lives' initiative

The Royal Borough works in partnership with the Charlton Athletic Community Trust (CACT) on its 'Street Violence Ruins Lives' initiative. CACT run an awareness programme in schools, an estates based programme for young people identified as being involved in crime, and targeted specialist work with repeat offenders who are at risk of custodial sentences.

Find out more information about 'Street Violence Ruins Lives' (CACT website)

For help and guidance from local organisations on knife crime, visit the Greenwich Community Directory.