Published: Friday, 25th February 2022

A low traffic neighbourhood (LTN) has been on trial in West Greenwich since August 2020 to try to reduce traffic, improve air quality and improve safety for pedestrians and cyclists in the area.

We have been closely monitoring the scheme and listening to residents’ feedback throughout the trial. Changes were made to the scheme last summer, following feedback from local people about traffic being transferred to the east side of Greenwich Park and A2.

A report on the trial was published, assessing traffic data and feedback received up until 21 December 2021.

We have now considered all the data and feedback received up until 18 February 2022, including residents’ feedback, traffic counts and an equalities impact assessment (EQIA), and an addendum to the report has been published. The report can be accessed here.

The Cabinet Member for Environment, Sustainability & Transport has taken the decision to approve the removal of the West Greenwich LTN and consider options for an alternative LTN traffic scheme for West Greenwich by authorising Council officers to begin developing an alternative scheme in consultation with the Cabinet Member.

Monitoring data and feedback from local residents has raised concerns regarding the impact of transferring local traffic to other areas and the issues identified in the EQIA including how it could affect people with disabilities. Any future proposals will be subject to further consultation with local residents.

Restrictions that were in place before the experimental LTN will shortly come into force again when works to remove the current traffic measures are complete, including HGV restrictions and reinstatement of the one-way restrictions.

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