Illustration featuring Fairtrade flags with hands holding globe
Illustration featuring Fairtrade flags with hands holding globe

Published: Friday, 25th February 2022

Royal Greenwich celebrates Fairtrade Fortnight with in-person events at the Plumstead Centre and Eltham Centre

Fairtrade Fortnight – 21 February to 6 March – is in full swing with the Choose the World You Want festival. As officially-recognised Fairtrade borough, the Royal Borough of Greenwich is proud to support the campaign, which aims to shine a spotlight on the growing challenges that climate change brings to farmers and workers in countries at the forefront of the climate crisis.  

To celebrate Fairtrade Fortnight, and learn more about Fairtrade products, everyone is invited to join our in-person workshops on Saturday 26 February at The Plumstead Centre and Saturday 5 March at Eltham Centre. We’ll be baking tasty treats with Fairtrade chocolate and bananas and making African jewellery and Fairtrade country flags. 

The Royal Borough of Greenwich has been officially recognised as a Fairtrade council since 2006 for our commitment to the scheme and for promoting the aims of the Fairtrade Foundation. This includes buying Fairtrade goods and services wherever possible and providing advice to businesses and other organisations on how to get involved. 

Cllr Adel Khaireh, Cabinet Member for Culture and Communities, said: 

"As a proud Fairtrade borough committed to promoting and supporting responsible economic growth, the Royal Borough of Greenwich is flying the flag for Fairtrade Fortnight. Even with small shopping choices to buy Fairtrade, you can make a big difference, helping to promote a living income and dignified lives for the farmers and workers producing our food.” 

Fairtrade Fortnight events at the Plumstead Centre and Eltham Centre 

To celebrate Fairtrade Fortnight, why not join us to make some healthy snacks and crafts? There will be workshops for: 

  • making African jewelry 

  • making a Fairtrade country flag 

  • baking delicious banana and chocolate desserts 

Saturday 26 February 

The Plumstead Centre, SE18 1JL 

Children's Library Area 

1 to 4pm 

Saturday 5 March 

The Eltham Centre, SE9 1HA 

Children's Library Area 

1 to 4pm 

Fairtrade Fortnight | Fairtrade in Greenwich | Royal Borough of Greenwich ( 

How can you get involved?  

Fairtrade schools 

Events to increase awareness of Fairtrade are welcomed by us and it is now possible for schools to be officially recognised as a Fairtrade school. 

There are a range of benefits in signing up to the scheme, not only to support farmers and workers in the developing world, but also to offer students new skills and introduce a series of health-led initiatives. 

Find out more about becoming a Fairtrade school (Fairtrade website) 

Join the Greenwich Fairtrade Network 

An integral part of the Royal Borough of Greenwich's Fairtrade plans is our Fairtrade Network, which helps monitor and enhance our Fairtrade development. 

If you would like to play an active role in promoting Fairtrade by becoming a member of the group, contact the Chair, Councillor Miranda Williams, at

Fairtrade’s national online festival  

Sign up to find out about fascinating and fun events featuring all parts of the global Fairtrade community, including Fairtrade farmers and workers, other climate campaigners and of course the amazing grassroots network.