Published: Tuesday, 18th January 2022

The Metropolitan Police is investigating two reports of sexual assaults which took place in Royal Greenwich last week.  

The Council is truly appalled by these attacks and is working closely with the Police to do everything in our power to bring the perpetrator to justice.   

The first attack took place at Poplar Place, Thamesmead, at 5.30pm on Wednesday 12 January. The second incident took place on Wellington Street, Woolwich, on Thursday 13 January, with the victim having been followed off a 422 bus at around 7.45pm.   

Thanks to the bravery of the victims, who managed to get away and later contacted the authorities, we have an idea of what the perpetrator looks like. In both instances, the suspect has been described as a slim man aged between 18 and 28-years-old. He’s reported to have short, dark hair.   

If you have any information about these attacks, please contact the Police immediately by calling 101 or reporting the crime online. No matter how insignificant it may seem, it could help the investigation.  

In the event of an emergency, or to report a serious crime, always call 999 when you need an urgent police response.  

You can also register your phone with 999 to easily and quickly contact the police via text message, if you are unable to call.  

Text the word ‘register’ to 999. You then get at text back to which you need to accept by replying ‘yes’. Your phone is then registered to contact 999 by text.  

If you're on public transport, you can report non-emergency incidents to British Transport Police by using their 61016 text service. If you’re in immediate danger, always call 999. 

We are currently carrying out a survey about safety in public spaces in Royal Greenwich. Please take a moment to let us know about your concerns as we make our borough safer.