Published: Monday, 22nd February 2021

Working towards a greener and safer Greenwich is a priority for the Council and this includes reducing the disproportionate impact of traffic across the borough.

At the time of The Royal Parks’ consultation on closing the avenue in Greenwich Park, in response to an exceptional period after the first lockdown caused a 17 per cent increase in traffic along the A2 westbound, we suggested a temporary solution. Given the significant changes in traffic flow, we asked The Royal Parks to consider adjusting its proposals to reflect the increased pressure on the highway network in the weekday morning peak period when congestion is greatest. We believe that was proportionate based on the data and information we had at the time. It was also before the national lockdown, which has changed things for all of us.

In Royal Greenwich, a third of all of emissions of greenhouse gases come from cars, vans and trucks. Motor vehicles are also a source of air pollution that harms our health and traffic dominated streets discourage people from walking and cycling. Closing Greenwich Park to through traffic is well aligned with our own current low traffic neighbourhood proposals and our ambitions to improve Greenwich Town Centre. We know that many of our residents have enjoyed the benefits and support this scheme.

We are currently consulting on schemes to make our streets safer and cleaner and residents can have their say here: