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Parks investment

Published: Thursday, 22nd October 2020

We are excited to announce that - following a borough-wide consultation in July – we will be investing £1 million into our parks and green spaces!

To help decide on how to spend the money, we asked you what your park priorities were and what improvements you'd like to see. The core areas that people were asked to feed back on were play areas, sport and fitness, basic facilities and maintenance, removal of redundant or damaged features/facilities, heritage, nature and wildlife and events. The consultation results were really impressive, with more than 2,600 people taking part to share their views, which helped shape the final decision.

The survey results were enlightening, showing that 87% of people viewed the borough’s parks as ‘very valuable’ and the top priorities for residents were basic maintenance, play areas, removal of damaged facilities and nature and wildlife areas. This feedback very much influenced the parks regeneration plans.

The list of parks being invested in and their improvements, are:

  • Plumstead Gardens for relandscaping, facility maintenance (e.g. improving paths, railings, walls etc.), flood alleviation works, security improvements, new park furniture (e.g. benches, rubbish bins, signage etc.) and playground improvements 

  • Charlton Park for playground improvements, facility maintenance, modernisation of the sports changing rooms, new park furniture and creation of a wildlife meadow (lead by the Friends group) 

  • Bostall Gardens for facility maintenance, new park furniture and wildflower seed sowing 

  • Rockliffe Gardens for wildflower sowing, facility maintenance, new park furniture and restoration/creation of a wildlife pond 

  • Queenscroft Park for some refurbishment to the toilets to allow it to be used by the Friends group, facility maintenance, playground improvements, new park furniture, creation of a wildlife pond, meadow creation and tree planting 

  • St. Mary’s Gardens for facility maintenance, new park furniture and wildflower sowing  

  • Sunbury Street for playground refurbishment and new park furniture 

  • Shrewsbury Park for facility maintenance, meadow creation, new park furniture and tree planting 

  • Twinkle Park for facility maintenance, new park furniture, meadow creation and shrub replacement and one new tree 

  • Eaglesfield Park for contribution to playground refurbishment 

  • Maryon Park for facility maintenance, playground improvements, new park furniture, contribution to ball court improvements, tree planting and wildflower sowing 

These 11 have been chosen as the parks that are most in need of restoration, however, if there is some left over from the £1 million then other sites could also benefit.  

This is a hugely welcome opportunity to rejuvenate these outdoor spaces and breathe new life into them. These are game-changing renovations and will make such a big difference to surrounding communities.  

Cllr Adel Khaireh, Cabinet Member for Cabinet Member for Culture, Communities and Equalities said:

“Over the past few months our parks have really come into their own. They have always been important places for our residents, but this year they have provided a safe space to exercise, socialise and take a break from the uncertainty of the pandemic. This investment is extremely exciting; it will give the borough’s parks a new lease of life and will provide our residents with enjoyable well-maintained places to visit for years to come.” 

The improvement works are well underway.


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