Published: Wednesday, 16th September 2020

The council is aware of the increase in traffic congestion on Trafalgar Road and is taking steps to ease the congestion as quickly as possible.

The increased congestion is due to several projects going on at the same time and other factors, including:  

To ease the congestion we will change the temporary measures in Greenwich town centre to return Nelson Road to two lanes and improve traffic flow through the town centre. We are liaising closely with TfL to minimise the impacts of their Cycleway works, and we’re carrying out increased parking enforcement on Trafalgar Road where illegal parking has added to congestion. 

TfL data shows that if journeys previously made by public transport are made by car instead, traffic in London could increase by 40 to 50%, so it’s vital we provide safe, car-free alternatives to public transport. That is why trial measures which support walking and cycling such as the protected cycle tracks on the A206, quieter streets in West Greenwich, and a car-free route through Greenwich Park into the town centre can help keep our city moving during the pandemic.

Approximately a third of car journeys in London could be walked in 20 minutes and two thirds could be cycled in 20 minutes so please walk and cycle wherever possible and avoid peak times to help reduce congestion. 

You can give feedback on our streetspace programme on our website.