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Today in the Day to stop smoking

Published: Thursday, 6th August 2020

"The Stop Smoking Specialist phoned me twice a week and sent motivational texts which helped keep me on track."

We're continuing our series of stories about residents who have quit smoking.

Karen (not her real name) was 25 years old and had been smoking since she was 14 when she was referred to stop smoking support by a midwife at Queen Elizabeth Hospital. Karen was three months pregnant and was keen to stop smoking to give her and her baby the best chance.

She stopped on her own when she found out she was pregnant. However, she found lockdown difficult added to the fact her partner was still smoking so she started again.

With the help of a Stop Smoking Specialist providing stop smoking medication which can be used in pregnancy, together with e-cigarettes which can be 95% safer than cigarettes, Karen was able to stop smoking cigarettes.

"The Stop Smoking Specialist phoned me twice a week and sent motivational texts which helped keep me on track," said Karen.

Karen's partner, who had smoked for 30 years, also stopped smoking cigarettes and swapped to e-cigarettes to support Karen with her quit attempt.

Together they achieved their quit attempt, their finances have improved (they previous were having to use pawn shops to get credit) and are now saving £120 a week which enables them to buy more stuff for the baby.  Karen also reported that both her and her partner's skin looks healthier and breathing is easier. She can also spend time with smokers without fear of relapse.

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To find out more including telephone support, expert advice and medication to support a successful quit attempt, text ‘Help’ to 60060, call the Live Well Greenwich Line on 0800 470 4831 or visit the Live Well Greenwich stop smoking site.

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