Greenwich foot tunnel

Published: Thursday, 9th April 2020

Greenwich Foot Tunnel will be closed over the Easter bank holiday weekend - from 10pm on Thursday 9 April until 10pm on Monday 13 April.

This is due to crowds of people walking and cycling through for non-essential journeys on the previous weekend, which made social distancing at two metres apart almost impossible and put many lives at risk.  

Crossing the river will still be possible on the DLR, which allows bicycles onboard during weekends, bank holidays and at off peak times. 

Cllr Danny Thorpe, Leader of the Royal Borough of Greenwich, said: “Keeping people alive is our priority during this pandemic and last weekend we saw far too many ignoring the lifesaving social distancing rules and making non-essential journeys through the foot tunnel. Greenwich is a popular tourist destination for lots of good reasons, but this is a national emergency, not a holiday. We have now been forced to close the tunnel over the Easter weekend to help reduce the risk of people spreading COVID-19 and are working closely with Tower Hamlets council and TfL to find a safe solution.” 

The tunnel is an important route for essential workers travelling to and from work, so it currently remains open on normal weekdays. Footfall will continue to be monitored using CCTV and if safety is still an issue, we will review the decision to keep the tunnel open. 

There is a real risk that the Government will ban outside exercise if people don’t stick to the social distancing guidelines, so only use the tunnel if you’re an essential worker getting to and from work.  

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